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Humane banding method now available worldwide

cowcalfcircleCallicrate Banders™, recommended by veterinarians and animal handling specialists worldwide, are the most humane and effective castration tools on the market. Due to emphasis on high-tension ligation, the banders excel at achieving a tight band every time. Easy-to-read tension indicators ensure the correct tightness that is essential to minimizing discomfort and reducing physical complications.

The bloodless (non-surgical) procedure reduces the risk of infection and the risk of injury to both the operator and the animal. The technique is both faster (taking only about 30 seconds) and safer to perform than surgically castrating animals. The band is stretched over the scrotum before being tightened and then locked firmly into position. Animals banded with Callicrate Banders™ rarely go off feed and show little discomfort. Bander castration works well on cattle, goats, alpacas and sheep, and any other species with a scrotum. Although the bander is mainly used for castration, it has many uses, including removing horns and treating prolapses.

By using the Callicrate Bander™ for delayed castration, cattlemen can keep young bulls intact, allowing them to grow more quickly, and then castrate them late in the finishing stage. The obvious advantage to this is that the animals continue to grow much faster and develop better muscling due to the ongoing availability of natural testosterone. This provides an effective alternative to use of hormone growth promotants. Additionally, purebred operators have the option of waiting to see how their bull calves develop before deciding whether to leave them intact for use as bulls or sell them as feeder cattle.

Thousands of the devices have sold worldwide since they were was first introduced nearly 25 years ago, with continual refinements leading to a lighter, sleeker and easier-to-use tool in the years since. Today’s Callicrate PRO Bander™, for delayed castration, features precision components. The fully encapsulated ratchet helps to protect the mechanism from the elements, expanding on the product line’s existing reputation for resistance to grit, wear, and abrasion.

The full line of Callicrate Banders™ includes the WEE Bander™, a state-of-the-art high-tension nonsurgical castration tool specifically for smaller animals, such as newborn calves, sheep, and goats. The WEE performs far better than elastrator rings, which lack sufficient tension to block pain and, therefore, do not meet the public’s heightened concern for humane animal treatment. By insuring proper application of the band, the Callicrate WEE Bander™ achieves the increasingly rigorous standard for animal care and wellbeing worldwide, while allowing for successful banding of smaller animals at younger ages.

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