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Callicrate Banders: Improving agriculture’s future through improved animal husbandry


For great results every time count on the Callicrate Bander™

The Callicrate Bander™ has earned a reputation as the most humane and effective bloodless castration method on the market, recommended by veterinarians, animal handling specialists and cattle producers.

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For Premium Performance and Better Beef, Delay Castration

Cutting out early castration could steer your beef outfit to greater profitability and improve meat quality according to cattle producers who are leaving their bull calves intact longer and then banding them.

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Making Steers-Banding, offers alternatives for later castration, faster gains and less 

When it comes time to make his bull calf steers, Livingston, MT, producer and veterinarian Ralph Miller opts for a band rather than the castration knife.

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Texas Longhorns

Rachel Dodd, the General Manager for No-Bull Enterprises, revealed an interesting factoid during our telephone conversation: there actually are some folks in the Texas Longhorn business who use the Callicrate Bander for de-horning.

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Delayed Castration for Heifer’s Calves

High performance with humane castration – For great results every time, count on the Callicrate Bander

As forage and range conditions improve, and with historically low cattle numbers, people will be saving more heifers as replacements and to replenish the herds that were reduced because of drought.

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Managing For Profit

Since full calves are born with the natural growth promotant, testosterone, it makes sense to delay castration through the growing phase. If you castrate them earlier, you lose this naturally-occurring benefit. Research has shown that bull calves gain and develop faster and more efficiently than steer calves castrated soon after birth. This approach avoids the use of synthetic hormone implants, qualifying cattle for the premium natural beef programs.

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Bander stretches options for sheep and goat producers

The Callicrate Bander castration system — already proven as a humane technique widely used in the beef industry — is increasingly popular with goat and sheep producers as well.

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New Zealand 

Several years ago, I spent some time in New Zealand on sheep and cattle ranches with veterinarian, Dr. John Southworth. Dr. Southworth was interested in the Callicrate Bander for use on cattle and sheep.

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“The Callicrate Banding system is a great asset to our operation! The Callicrate cutter is great for removing old ear tags, in addition to cutting the loops.”

Marion, Virginia

“We usually try to get the calves started on feed and then I band them and it doesn’t slow them up a bit.  I band some pretty big bulls, too, and they never miss a feeding.  I do everything myself, and it’s nice to be able to run them through the chute.  I don’t have to wrangle them at the stage when they are hard to wrangle.  I leave my own bull calves intact to about 600 pounds, which means they stay healthier and perform better.”

Dan Fields