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We recommend watching the instruction video in its entirety. It is important to use safety precautions when using any equipment. Please wear safety glasses. Do NOT use a scalpel. Use the Callicrate Cutter™ included with the bander kit.

Tetanus is a risk with any form of castration. Proper immunization controls tetanus risk. Tetanus toxoid (not antitoxin) must be used. It is important to read and follow vaccine instructions especially in nieve cattle in endemic tetanus areas. For more information contact your veterinarian.

Fig. 1

Insert the end of the Callicrate Loop™ with the clip into the nose of the bander, with the clip seam side up.

Fig. 2

Insert the rubber washer on the end of the cord into the loop from the bottom.

Fig. 3

Hold the clip in place and pull the loop forward to full size.

Fig. 4

Place your thumb over the clip and between the loop.

Fig. 5

Hang the loop on your thumb and fourth finger of your other hand.  Alternate Method for larger bulls: Place thumb and 1st three fingers inside the loop.

Fig. 6

Straighten your fingers and flip your hand backward while pulling down on the bander.

Fig. 7

From behind the bull, grasp the scrotum above the testicles and slide your hand down to force the testicles to the bottom of the scrotum.

Fig. 8

Pull the bander down and stretch the loop around the scrotum.

Fig. 9

Place the loop just above the top of the testicles (approx. 1”).  Avoid placing the loop too close to the belly.

Fig. 10

Once the loop is in place, crank the ratchet, making sure that the loop separates on each side of the rubber washer.  You may crank the ratchet as rapidly as you wish for the first three wraps.  The final wraps should be at a slower, more deliberate pace to prevent breaking of the loops.

Fig. 11

Crank the ratchet until the tension peg in the handle moves firmly to the back of the slot.  When the peg reaches the back of the slot, you have achieved proper tightness and eliminated guesswork.

Fig. 12

Once proper tightness is achieved, push the crimping lever down until it will go no farther.

Fig. 13

Now cut the loop as close to the SPOOL and away from the clip as possible.

Clean bander regularly using a wire brush and soap and water. Oil ratchets, tension indicator, and any other accessible joints with a light weight oil. Tetanus toxoid must be used. Please read and follow vaccine instructions. For more information contact your veterinarian. Please wear safety glasses. Use the Callicrate Cutter™ included with the kit.