The Callicrate Bander™ has earned
a reputation as the most humane
and effective bloodless
castration method on the market,
recommended by veterinarians, animal handling
specialists and cattle producers.

The Callicrate Bander™ may be used for delayed castration and horn removal – cattle/goats/sheep/yaks. The same tool and loop is used for both castration and horn removal.

    Callicrate Loops™ are made from a specific latex formulation that is over three times stronger than surgical tubing or pre-made latex rings.
    The patented no-slip Callicrate Clip™ that holds the necessary loop tension, combined with the extra strength latex, gives immediate and total occlusion (blocking of the blood vessels), which means less pain and stress. It also eliminates swelling, resulting in faster scrotal drop time.
    Special lubrication reduces friction and abrasions and assures uniform stretching around the scrotum for complete ligation.
    Eliminate guesswork – the Callicrate Bander™ “custom fits” every loop to the correct size for each animal.
  • Makes all other methods of castration obsolete and allows you to manage your bull calves for maximum profit!
  • Allows you to take advantage of the increase weight gain of bulls while eliminating the stress and complications of elastrator rings and surgical castration.


Callicrate SMART Bander™ Kit

For delayed castration 
(300 lbs. to full grown)
Suggested Retail Price $335.00
Callicrate SMART Bander™,
 Cutter, 5 Loops, Carrying Case

Callicrate SMART Loops™
Bag of 25
Suggested Retail Price $70.00/Bag

Callicrate SMART Loops™ Bag of 100

Suggested Retail Price $280/Bag

Callicrate SMART Loops™ Bucket of 500

Suggested Retail Price $1,400/Bucket

Callicrate SMART Prolapse Loops™ Bag of 5
Suggested Retail Price $25/Bag

Callicrate SMART Prolapse Band™ (24″) Bag of 5
Suggested Retail Price $25/Bag

Callicrate Cutter™
Suggested Retail Price $5.50/Tool

Tetanus is a risk with any form of castration. Proper immunization controls tetanus risk. Tetanus toxoid (not antitoxin) must be used. It is important to read and follow vaccine instructions especially in nieve cattle in endemic tetanus areas. For more information contact your veterinarian.

It is important to use safety precautions when using any equipment. Please wear safety glasses. Do NOT use a scalpel. Use the Callicrate Cutter™ included with the bander kit.



On delayed castration: “You pick up the extra weight, and you have a more muscular, slimmer calf that isn’t carrying a lot of extra flesh at weaning. When I background them, they just keep growing. A bull calf will be in a body condition that is more advantageous for weight gain than a steer. In my program, I go to rye pasture with them, and you can just about see them grow. I’ve had two or three neighbors tell me they thought their calves stayed healthier and more athletic. They swear they don’t have fall pneumonia in their bull calves like they used to, thanks to delayed castration.”

Tom Hendrix


“Banding is better than
cutting for the bigger
animals,” says Temple
Grandin, a professor of
animal science at
Colorado State University
and one of the nation’s
leading experts on
humane animal handling.