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Dan Fields

“We usually try to get the calves started on feed and then I band them and it doesn’t slow them up a bit. I leave my bull calves intact to about 600 pounds, which means they stay healthier and perform better.”


“We have the Callicrate Bander and love using it on our cattle. I can’t believe how easy it is and the cattle don’t seem to mind it at all. I am a firm believer. I’m still singing the praises of the Callicrate Bander.”

Tom Hendrix

“With the enhanced performance from bull calves left intact, he doesn’t need to use growth implants, which means his cattle qualify for natural beef programs. “If I’m doing delayed castration, I don’t need to use hormones, and I definitely don’t want to implant my...

Matt Sween

“The bottom line is that high-tension banding is faster, easier and less traumatic for the animal than surgical castration.”

Blair Hunewill

“Always happy to see how the calves handle the band so much easier than a knife cut. Once turned out they don’t kick, don’t stop eating, and don’t seem to hardly notice it at all.”