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Goats benefit from the delayed castration banding method
because it allows the urethra to develop and reduces the
incidence of kidney stones and other urinary tract problems.

Dear Rachel:

I wanted to report back to you the awesome experience we have had using the Callicrate Bander on our Meat Goat Farm. Your devise has allowed us to extend the growth time of our Bucks before banding, thereby increasing our overall yield. We weigh every 30 days and found a remarkable ADG from our previous year, same genetics, so we knew it had to be credited to delayed banding.

We have found the instructions easy to follow and the instrument extremely user friendly! We have recommended it to all of our Goat Friends. We strongly recommend the Callicrate Bander over all other products we have used.

Thank you for making our job easier and more profitable! The tool has paid for itself!!


Billy’s Boer Meat Goat Farm, LLC
South Carolina

Billy’s Boer Meat Goat Farm Testimonial …

We have experimented with different ages and stages of goat (meat) and, I can say for certain that if folks are given “Bucky” meat, they will not ever want to eat goat again. We went to 3 farmer’s markets a week all last season, giving out cooked samples, recipe books and selling our USDA processed meat and I could write a whole article on what we learned during those months. If producers want to appeal to the main stream health conscientious Americans, they must offer them a mild and tender product.

The milder more tender meat is from the “wethered” goats, and by being able to wait until they are around 5 months of age to band them, we get a better growth rate without the bad smell and sour taste. Then, they can continue to graze with the rest of the Doe herd through the months until they reach the optimum size for processing, which is for us at 100 to 130 lbs. and they can reach this by 1 year or less depending on when they are banded along with genetic composition, and feed.

Folks want ~~
Local – Natural – Hormone Free – Grass Fed – Humanely Raised

Billy’s Boer Meat Goat Farm, LLC


Dear Rachel,

My husband and I banded 28 lamb tails last night after work. We are both giving you an enthusiastic ‘thumbs up’ to the ‘WEE’ Bander™. There is no way with a normal elastrator that we would have been able to band so many lambs in such a short period of time. It probably took less than half as long as normal. We are careful about placing the ‘WEE’ Loop™ in a joint (not placing on a joint is painful for the lamb). We always want to leave at least one digit (short docks tend to have prolapse issues). With the normal elastrator, you have to ‘roll’ the band off the end of the prongs, and sometimes it lands in between the joints, and sometimes it does not. When placing the ‘WEE’ Loop™ on the tail, once it is in place, it doesn’t move when tightened. So, we spent much less time evaluating the placement, cutting off misplaced bands, and doing it again. There was actually none of that. The lambs only acted painful for 10-15 minutes, and then they were back to being normal. I have seen some act painful for up to 2 hours with a normal elastrator.

With the normal elastrator, we had some tail infections each year (one or two). With the ‘WEE’, all tails dropped off much quicker than with the elastrator bands and we did not have any infections.

The investment in the tool and extra expense of the loops will be worthwhile for us.

We are very happy with the tool and the bands!

Diana Swift
PinkZebra Farm
Maricopa, California


Talked to you a while back about your bander being used on yearling ram lambs. You told me it would work and boy did it. Twenty eight days and they fell off.

Patrick, Lake Elsinore, California

The Callicrate bander is the cat’s meow when it comes to fixing prolapses on sheep. My vet used your bander yesterday to fix an anal prolapse on a lamb. It worked great!!!! Fixing a prolapse now becomes about the 65th thing your invention can do. I saved two lambs this year because of the bander. Thanks for making such a quality product. 

Jeffrey Goldwasser

Boscobel, Wisconsin

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