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Bought 2 more this week. Total of 6 now & the best bander on the market. Been using them for 4 yrs now & not once have I had any problems with a calf.

Roger Buchanan

Darwin, Oklahoma

Simple. Easy. And Fast!!  Absolutely fantastic product.

Dalton H.

I purchased and used the PRO Bander on 2 – 4 month old calves on a calf table this spring/summer.  Worked very well.  Thanks for your help.

Shamrock, TX

Used my PRO Bander for the first time today. Was able to band and doctor 10 calves in less than 30 min with two people!! Great product.

Travis Houser


After using the old bander for over 15 years, I really appreciate the lighter weight tool and self-locking’ bands. When doing several hundred head it makes a huge difference.

Tom Hendrix

Wray, Colorado