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Early Castration

Humane, high-tension WEE loops™ take the
place of highly stressful elastrator rings.

My husband and I banded 28 lamb tails last night after work.  We are both giving you an enthusiastic ‘thumbs up’ to the ‘WEE’ Bander.  There is no way with a normal elastrator that we would have been able to band so many lambs in such a short period of time.

Diana Swift, PinkZebra Farm, Maricopa CA

Achieving adequate tightness is the single most essential component in reduc­ing stress during banding, according to animal welfare experts like Colorado State University animal science professor Temple Grandin.

“Previously, the only banding option available for the smaller animals was the green elastrator ring,” says Mike Callicrate, owner of No-Bull Enterprises, based in St Francis, Kansas. “We used the same simple technology, but combined it with a means of attaining proper tension, resulting in complete ligation. In replacing the elastrator rings, which lack sufficient tension and are considered the most stress­ful method of castrating young animals, the WEE Bander™ also provides an alternative to castration with a knife, which is probably the second most stressful method you can use.”

Studies of high tension banding have demonstrated that the complete negation of blood flow triggers a natural analgesic effect that blocks pain while minimizing swelling and related complications.

Research at the University of California-Davis showed high tension banding gen­erated a more localized immune response with no discernable depression in appetite or rate of gain when used on young bulls.

“The stress of using an elastrator ring, which lacks sufficient tension to block pain, doesn’t meet the public’s heightened stan­dards for humane animal treatment,” Cal­licrate says. By insuring proper application of the band, the WEE Bander™ measures up to the increasingly rigorous worldwide empha­sis on animal care and well-being.

WEE Bander™ Kit for early castration (newborn)

Suggested Retail Price $205.00

Callicrate WEE Bander™,
5 WEE Loops™, Loop Stretcher


WEE Bander Loops™ Bag of 25
Suggested Retail Price $33.75/Bag


WEE Bander Loops™ Bag of 100
Suggested Retail Price $135.00/Bag


WEE Loop Stretcher™
Suggested Retail Price $5.50/Tool