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Callicrate Banders: Improving agriculture’s future through improved animal husbandry – click here to view pdf


Humane Castrator for Newborn Livestock Introduced

The U.S. company known for inventing the premiere high-tension banding castration tool on the market is now introducing a lighter, sleeker version designed to bring the same humane, user-friendly technique to newborn calves, sheep and goats.

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New Zealand 

Several years ago, I spent some time in New Zealand on sheep and cattle ranches with veterinarian, Dr. John Southworth. Dr. Southworth was interested in the Callicrate Bander for use on cattle and sheep.

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The Callicrate Banding system is a great asset to our operation! The Callicrate cutter is great for removing old ear tags, in addition to cutting the loops. 


Marion, VA