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Are you looking for a safe, humane,
AND drug free method of
antler removal?
No-Bull Enterprises has the
solution for you …

I have been velveting elk bulls for 22 years and have used various techniques and pain control measures: from the original method of drugging the animals for sedation, to using Lidocaine for nerve blockage, to currently using the Velvet Antler Bander. I have found that the new Velvet Antler compression device works the best. It gives excellent nerve blockage, better than a tourniquet, and allows us to harvest our antler using the most humane, painless, residue-free method available. It is easy to use and our elk bulls are benefiting from this procedure big time!

I recommend this tool as the best ever.

Robert Boos, Whispering Winds Ranch Ltd., Alberta, Canada

Compression System for
Natural Velvet Antler Removal

Consumers today are demanding natural, drug-free products. Only the VELVET ANTLER BANDER™ allows the removal of velvet antler without the risk of drug residue in the antler, while also providing humane treatment of the animal.

What farmers say: Easy on animals – I was very impressed and am sure that the technique holds great promise for drug-free velvet harvesting.

What veterinarians say: Great, seemed very reliable on the stags done!! Better than local, more consistent!!

This new method of high compression involved rubber tubing tightened around the pedicle, which quickly blocks off the nerves that supply the antler and desensitizes the antler without the use of drugs or needles.


  • Provides a safe, humane and chemical free method of velvet antler harvest from elk and other deer species, eliminating the potential for drug residue in the antlers.
  • Provides effective control of bleeding during the antler removal process.
  • Provides analgesia equal to injected lidocaine. Provides more consistent results, safer, and easier to administer. Simply wrapping a tourniquet around the pedicle will not give the same results. High tension compression is necessary to achieve effective analgesia.
  • Results in fewer adverse behavioral reactions during antler removal.


Callicrate VELVET ANTLER Bander™ Kit

Suggested Retail Price $365.00

Callicrate VELVET ANTLER Bander™,
Timer, Cutter, Utility Knife, Safety Glasses, Case


Callicrate VELVET ANTLER Bands™

14″, 16″ or 18″
$65.00/bag of 20