Callicrate Bander products are associated with and protected by patents and patent applications in the United States and other countries, as indicated in the list below. This list is not necessarily exhaustive and may not include, for example, some pending United States patent applications. This list was last updated on 10/27/17.

SMART Bander™

U.S. Patent 5,236,434

U.S. Patent 5,403,325

U.S. Patent 5,681,329

U.S. Patent 5,843,095

U.S. Patent 5,997,553

U.S. Patent 6,270,507

U.S. Patent 6,409,738

PRO Bander™

U.S. Patent 8,702,728
Canadian Patent 2,792,907
U.S. Patent 9,271,735
U.S. Patent D811,593
Chinese Design Application No. 201630360527.5
New Zealand Design Patent No. 421892
New Zealand Design Patent No. 422265
Australian Patent 201615660
European Certificate of Registration 003327006-0001
European Certificate of Registration 003327006-0002
Canadian Design Patent No. 169659
Chinese Patent ZL201630360527.5
U.S. Patent No. 10,045,783

WEE Bander™

U.S. Patent 8,702,728

Australian Patent 2011226642

Australian Patent 2014250645

Canadian Patent 2,792,907

U.S. Patent 9,271,735

Canadian Patent 2,866,938