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  • Non-Surgical procedure/BLOODLESS
  • Uninterrupted feed intake
  • Reduced incidence of water belly
  • Patented clip locks loop in place – NO SLIPPAGE
  • Quick and easy to use, 10-15 seconds/animal
  • Works on any size animal
  • Reduced Agression
  • Improved Carcass Quality
  • Increased Profit

Years of observation shows that bulls outperform steers in:

Increased growth rate
Feed conversion
Improved overall lean meat production

Banding with the Callicrate Bander™ reduces stress:

Surgical castration of bull calves and yearlings causes stress
from blood loss and physical changes to the body.

“We like it a lot because it has a low complication rate, and that’s a real plus. We can teach people to use it very effectively and feel comfortable about it. It’s a great tool. It’s just a little easier and quicker to use than any other banding tools on the market, which is important, especially when you are doing a large number of animals …”

Lynn Locatelli, DVM

I bought one of your banders after hearing glowing reports from a friend-of-a-friend. I’ve got to say I was skeptical about late castration not interrupting rate of gain on the calves. Since I weigh my animals every time they go through the chute, I checked that out. I was amazed at the lack of any discomfort shown at banding, and the gains continued for those calves, in the month following banding, right on track with what they were doing before. That convinced me. You can’t do that with surgical castration.

Tom Reese, California