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INSTALLATION OF LOOP. Install loop on nose of bander and hook the strap to pull tab. Apply just enough tension to pull the loop up against the nose of tool, but not through it.

LOOP PLACEMENT. The loop should be placed just above the top of the testicles (approximately 1 inch or 25mm) and as far away from the belly as possible. Rotating bander and twisting the loop will cause loop failure.

PROPER TIGHTNESS. Tighten the loop to the tension indicator line. Over tightening reduces loop elasticity and causes breakage. Pulling on bander while tensioning can cause the retention clip to come off the bander nose – work back on with your fingers.

CUT LOOP CLOSE TO THE SPOOL. Cutting the loop too far from the tension spool can cause the loop ends to slip through the clip without being captured and locked.

TETANUS TOXOID VACCINE. Proper immunization controls tetanus risk associated with castration. Tetanus Toxoid must be given. Read and follow the vaccine instructions. Contact your veterinarian for further information.

SAFETY. Always wear SAFETY GLASSES when using the PRO Bander. Always use the Callicrate Cutter included in the kit to cut the tensioned loop. NEVER use a scalpel or pocket knife.

STORAGE. Heat, ultraviolet rays, and ozone are the most common sources for degradation of the loops. Store PRO Loops™ in a cardboard box or like container, at normal room temperatures of 60-80 degrees, and away from ozone generating devices such as motors and transformers.


Step 1 – Tools you will need are a Callicrate PRO Bander™, PRO Bander Loops and Callicrate Cutter. You will also need SAFETY GLASSES (not Included with PRO Bander).

Step 2 – Install a PRO Bander Loop onto the PRO Bander nose and attach the pull strap hook to the loop pull tab. The loop clip should fit snuggly on the nose of bander.

Step 3 – Using the spool ratchet, tension the pull strap just enough to snug the loop pull tab up to the loop clip.

CAUTION! Do not pull the loop through the loop clip prior to installing loop on animal or clip will pull off the bander nose.

Step 4 – Hang the loop over your thumb and forth finger.

Alternatively, you can place thumb and 1st three fingers inside the loop (not shown above).

Step 5Place your thumb over the nose of the tool. Straighten your fingers and flip your hand backward while pulling down on the bander.

Step 6 – From behind the bull, grasp the scrotum above the testicles and slide your hand down to force the testicles to the bottom of the scrotum.

Step 7 – Pull the bander down and stretch the loop over the testicles.

Step 8 – With the loop placed approximately 1 inch (25mm) above the testicles, tension the loop. Avoid placing loop too close to the belly.

Step 9 – Tension until the tension indicator moves all the way back to the scribed line.

Step 10 – Using the Callicrate Cutter, positioned as close to the tension spool as possible, cut the loop.

Step 11 – Visually verify loop is installed correctly.  There should be two tails protruding from the clip approximately ½ inch (12mm).


  1. After use, brush heavy debris off with a soft nylon brush and clean any remaining soil off with a damp rag. Store in original box.
  2. Do not use solvents or detergents to clean your bander as they may find their way into internal components and degrade or dilute the permanent lubricants.
  3. Do not submerge the bander in water or other cleaning solutions. It is okay to rinse bander under warm water and use a stiff plastic brush to remove stubborn debris. Place cleaned bander in a warm, dry place so trapped moisture can evaporate for at least 48 hours.
  4. Use care not to drop the bander in the dirt or onto a hard surface. Do not use it for anything other than its intended purpose.
  5. If your bander should break or not function properly, in most cases it can be refurbished by the manufacturer. The finish on your bander is not paint. The metal surfaces are chemically treated and dyed to provide corrosion resistance.
  6. Your new PRO Bander is guaranteed to be free of defects in materials, workmanship and/or assembly for a period of 5 years. Unauthorized repair; or damage due to abuse, misuse, or neglect is not covered. When calling about service please have the serial number available.